The Key Aspects I Worked On

Compose original score for 2:40′ minute promotional video.

Usage: Red Bull BC One Fire & Water

Territory: Worldwide

The creative team at Red Bull contacted me directly to help out with a project they had been struggling to source music for. They had been searching for a month, but nothing they had found had the musical depth, variation and climatic intensity that they wanted. A temp track was in place for the video edit, but the movement and excitement of the piece was not right. However, many elements they did like, and they really wanted to use it as a base for the project.

They were open to my suggestions on how to make the track more exciting. A mashup, remix approach was suggested (re-working and building music on-top of the existing track), and backed with my 15-years’ experience working in music licensing, I helped the team navigate the legal hurdles involved in reworking the existing piece of music. Speaking directly with the original rights holders and clearly explaining the situation, I gained full clearance to work on the material how I planned.

After seeing the incredible footage, which was unlike anything I had seen before, I was inspired to add choirs and orchestral parts to bring out the cinematic, inspirational imagery we were seeing. Utilizing the latest music software, I wrote the lyric ‘Veni, Vedi, Veci’ (I came, I saw, I conquered – ideal for a breakdance battle!) and played in the choir parts individually. It took some tweaking to get the expression and vowel pronunciation right, but the end result was very convincing and most listeners would believe it to be a live choir recording. The temp track was then brought to life using more modern bass sounds, synths, drums, and sfx.

Working closely with the video editor, we began syncing the music with the visuals, with him sending me updated edits straight from the cutting room as the project progressed. This was a luxury as I am very often working with a picture locked edit (the final cut) so timing changes to the video cannot be made. Thanks to this collaborative arrangement we were quickly able to create some really nice edits that sync perfectly with the video, without compromising the movement of the video or natural rhythm of the music.

Red Bull were extremely pleased with the final result, and subsequently asked me to work on the worldwide campaign for the 2019 Red Bull Air Race.

  • Music consultation – Provided an initial reel of 15 pieces of music to help the team understand my musical strengths.
  • Legal Advice – Negotiate with Music Publisher and obtain clearance from original rights holders.
  • Composition – Choir and Orchestra composition.
  • Sound Design
  • Music Production
  • Mixing
  • Mastering – Provided broadcast quality audio masters in multiple formats for use across all Red Bull online media stations.
  • Post Production – Provided alternate versions for multiple video edits.
  • 1st demo completed and submitted in under 24 hours.
  • Following client feedback, revised 1st draft submitted in under 3 days.
  • Final project completed and signed off within 2 weeks.