Robin Richard Blake, (Born September 14, 1984) known professionally as Rob Blake, is a British record producer, mix engineer, composer, singer, songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist from Cornwall. He is currently based in Brighton, UK.

After relocating to London, he began working in Trevor Horns Sarm West studios in 2004, then moved to the Dairy Studios in Brixton, before setting up his own project studio in Bermondsey. Whilst producing and writing for many bands and artists, he also self released his first 12″ vinyl single titled ‘The Revolution’ sampling Gil Scott Heron in 2006. Following this was an iraq war protest track titled ‘Make Money’ in 2007. Taking the allias iLL AUDiO , he formed a live electronic rock band that toured UK festivals from 2008 to 2009 with guest vocalists including the Dancehall artist Sweetie Irie, and the guitarist from UK metal band One Minute Silence. The band setup became a solo project focusing more on electronic production, using feature vocalists.

The first official iLL AUDiO release, on One Little Indian records in 2009, was a remix of Skunk Anansie’s ‘Squander’. The remix also featured as the final track on the bands greatest hits album ‘Smashes and trashes.
Following this the band asked Blake to remix the entire Skunk Anansie back catalog to create an introduction to their comeback european tour, the first since their 10 year hiatus that followed headlining Glastonbury pyramid stage in 1999. Blake was asked to create introductions for two subsequent tours.

During this time Blake began collaborating with artists such as Roots Manuva, Sweetie Irie, Skin, Akala and Dan Bowskill. While these tracks where being recorded iLL AUDiO also produced a number of tracks on Akalas 2010 album ‘Double Think’, including What Is Real, Thick Skin and remixing the lead single ‘XXL’.

Initial iLL AUDiO demos attracted attention from a range of independent labels, and an album deal was signed with Distinctive Records in 2011.

Blake released the first iLL AUDiO single ‘Chase’ on Distinctive records in 2012, a collaboartion with UK Hip Hop artist Roots Manuva and Reggae artist Dan Bowskill, featuring a remix from UK drum & bass act Artificial Intelligence.

In the same year came the ‘Never Be The Same’ E.P (released on 12″), the title of which was a collaboration with Skunk Anansie’s Iconic front woman Skin and featured a drum & bass remix from Rollz, followed by One Man War featuring Alex Vargas including remixes from Subzee D and Ben Kama.

As the album progressed Blake collaborated with more artists, such as Akala, Alex Vargas, Bluey Robinson and Sian Sanderson. A session with the City of Prague Phillharmonic orchestra was booked to add strings to the album. This experience broadened Blakes understanding of classical composition and was the start of a journey into scoring for motion pictures and games.

The opening track ‘Nibiru’ from the 2013 debut album release ‘Know No Boundaries’ gained the attention of Arcadia Spectacular. The track was used for the opening of their 2015 Glastonbury event ‘Metamorphosis’, and Blake was asked to write more music around the theme to create the entire first 15 minutes of the shows soundtrack. Metamorphosis grew to become a central feature of Arcadia Spectacular events around the world, winning a TPI award for ‘Best Live Production 2016’ from a shortlist that included the live shows from Ed Sheeran, AC/DC, Take That and U2.

Blake worked with Arcadia Spectacular on a number of following shows. These included the 2016 Mechanical Orchestra. Following this was a collaboartion with an Ancient Aborigine tribe; the Wudjuk Noongar, recording their ancient song ‘Yallor Keeninyara’ (clamied by the tribe to be the oldest song in history). The song was first performed on the Austraila leg on the Arcadia world tour ‘The Spider Spirit’, and the tribe has also been performing it at festivals globally since. Meta genesis is another touring festival show from Arcadia Spectacular featuring music composed entirely by iLL AUDiO, that debuted at Wilderness festival in 2018 following headline performance by Robyn.

Red Bull approached iLL AUDiO in 2018 to soundtrack the short film ‘Fire & Water’, a breakdance battle video for the Red Bull BC one competition. Following this iLL AUDiO also composed the theme music for the worldwide 2019 Air Race campaign.

The second iLL AUDiO album is due for release in 2021.